Managing Personal Information

Your personal information is important, and we want to make sure you have full control over it. Here’s how you can manage and update your personal information in your Muvr account:

Editing Your Profile: Need to update your profile picture or change your contact information? It’s easy. Simply go to the “Profile” section in the app and click on “Edit Profile.” You can change your name, profile picture, phone number, and other details.

Updating Addresses: Did you move or need to add a new frequently used address? Go to the “Address Book” section and click on “Edit Addresses.” You can add, edit, or remove addresses as needed.

Changing Password: To change your account password, go to the “Account Settings” section and click on “Change Password.” Follow the prompts to update your password to something secure and memorable.

Payment Information: If you need to update your payment information, you can do so under the “Payment” or “Billing” section. This ensures smooth and hassle-free payments for your Muvr services.

Notification Preferences: Want to receive notifications through a different channel or adjust the types of notifications you receive? Head over to the “Notification Preferences” section to customize your settings.

Language and Communication Preferences: Choose your preferred language and communication preferences in the app. This ensures that you receive information in a way that suits you best.

Privacy Settings: We take your privacy seriously. Under the “Privacy” or “Security” section, you can adjust your privacy settings and decide what information you want to share with other users.

Deactivating Your Account: If you ever decide you no longer want to use Muvr, you can deactivate your account. Keep in mind that deactivating your account will remove your access to our services and features.

Remember, your personal information is safe and secure with us. We use industry-standard security measures to protect your data and ensure your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about managing your personal information, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

By keeping your personal information up to date, you can ensure that your Muvr experience is smooth, tailored to your needs, and always in line with your preferences.