Special Handling Requests

At Muvr, we understand that some items require special attention and care during the moving or delivery process. Whether you have fragile items, valuable possessions, or unique pieces that need extra care, our team is here to accommodate your special handling requests. Here's how you can make special handling requests when placing your order:

1. Identifying Special Items:

As you're entering item details and quantities for your order, you may come across items that require special handling. These could include fragile items like glassware, antiques, electronics, or valuable artwork.

2. Adding Special Handling Notes:

When you're adding items to your order, you'll find an option to include "Special Handling Notes" or "Additional Instructions." Click or tap on this option to provide specific details about the special handling requirements for the identified items.

3. Describing Special Handling:

In the special handling notes section, describe in detail how you'd like the special items to be handled. Here are some examples of what you can include:

Fragile Items: If you have delicate or fragile items, specify that they need to be carefully wrapped, padded, or secured to prevent damage during transportation.

Valuables: For valuable items like jewelry or electronics, indicate if you prefer them to be transported separately or with additional security measures.

Antiques or Artwork: Provide instructions for the proper packing and handling of antiques or artwork to ensure they are protected from any potential impacts.

4. Clear Instructions:

The more precise and clear your instructions are, the better our Muvrs can accommodate your special handling requests. Use clear language and provide any necessary context to ensure your items are handled according to your preferences.

5. Communication with Muvrs:

Our Muvrs will receive the special handling instructions you've provided and will be well-prepared to carry out your requests. They may also reach out to you for further clarification if needed.

6. Trusting Muvr Experts:

Rest assured that our experienced Muvrs are trained to handle a variety of items, including those with special handling requirements. They will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your belongings.

7. Flexibility and Adaptability:

While we strive to meet all special handling requests, there may be cases where certain requests are not feasible due to safety or logistical reasons. Our team will always communicate with you and work together to find the best solution.

8. Reviewing Special Handling Requests:

Before confirming your order, take a moment to review the special handling notes you've provided. Make sure all instructions are accurate and reflect your preferences.

At Muvr, your satisfaction and the safe transport of your belongings are our top priorities. By communicating your special handling requests clearly and in advance, you're helping us ensure a successful and stress-free moving or delivery experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.