Accepting and Completing Orders

As a driver or helper with Muvr, your role involves efficiently managing and fulfilling customer orders for moving, furniture delivery, and junk removal. This section will guide you through the process of accepting and successfully completing orders to ensure a seamless experience for both you and our valued customers.

Accepting Orders

Order Notifications: When a new order becomes available in your designated area, you will receive a notification through the Muvr app. These notifications provide essential details about the order, including the type of service required, pickup and drop-off locations, and compensation.

Review Order Details: Carefully review the order details to understand the scope of work. Make sure you are comfortable with the tasks involved, including any specific instructions from the customer.

Availability and Acceptance: If the order aligns with your availability and skills, accept it through the app. By accepting, you are committing to fulfilling the order within the specified timeframe.

Preparing for Orders

Equipment and Supplies: Ensure you have all the necessary equipment, tools, and supplies required for the order. This includes moving blankets, stretch wrap, dollies, straps, and any other items relevant to the task.

Vehicle Readiness: Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition and has ample space to accommodate the items being transported.

Route Planning: Use the Muvr app or Google Maps / Apple Maps  to plan the most efficient route for both pickup and drop-off locations. Familiarize yourself with the directions and potential traffic considerations.

Communication: If you have any questions or need further clarification about the order, use the in-app messaging system to communicate with the customer.

Executing Orders

Professionalism: Arrive at the pickup location punctually and present yourself professionally. Introduce yourself to the customer and confirm the order details before starting. Take and upload photos onto the Muvr app.

Item Handling: Handle items with utmost care to prevent damage during transportation. Utilize moving blankets and stretch wrap to protect delicate or valuable items.

Loading and Securing: Efficiently load items into your vehicle, ensuring they are securely positioned to prevent shifting during transit.

Transit: Safely transport the items to the designated drop-off location. Adhere to traffic rules and regulations for a safe and smooth journey.

Unloading and Placement: Upon arrival at the drop-off location, unload the items and place them according to the customer's instructions. Double-check the order to ensure all items are delivered as intended. Take and upload photos onto the Muvr app.

Proof of Delivery: After uploading photos at the pickup and drop-off locations, now it’s time to confirm delivery by collecting the customer’s signature and clicking complete order. If the customer is not present, click on the “Customer is not present” button and then complete the order.

Order Completion and Customer Satisfaction

Confirmation: Mark the order as completed within the Muvr app once all tasks are fulfilled. This notifies the customer that the order has been successfully executed.

Feedback and Ratings: Encourage customers to provide feedback and rate their experience. Positive feedback contributes to your reputation and helps build trust within the Muvr community.

Payment: Earnings for completed orders will be processed based on Muvr's payment schedule. You can track your earnings and order history directly within the app.

By following these steps and providing excellent service, you play a vital role in maintaining Muvr's reputation for reliability and professionalism. Every order is an opportunity to make a positive impact and create a satisfied customer. As you gain experience and complete more orders, your confidence and proficiency will continue to grow. Stay tuned for further insights and guidance in the Driver & Helper Resources section, and let's continue to excel together at Muvr!