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How Muvr Works

Muvr is an on-demand moving, delivery and junk removal service. We move anything for you as long as it fits in a pickup truck, cargo van or box truck. Whether you purchased furniture from a store and need help getting it home, small moves or junk removal services, we connect you with movers ready to move your stuff within the same day or up to 30 days from now!

Users can request moving, delivery, or removal services through the Muvr app or website, and a team of movers will arrive at the specified location to complete the job.

After choosing your vehicle type: MuvrX, MuvrXL, or MuvrXXL, there will be an option to select a move type including: Single Item (1 item), Few Items (2-4 items), Several Items (5-9 items), Studio Move (10-19 items), 1 Bedroom Move (20-29 items), 2 Bedroom Move (30+ items). If it can’t all fit in the vehicle you requested, you'll need to request another Muvr to make sure all of your items get moved.

Muvr operates on Monday - Sunday between 8AM - 10PM. You can schedule for the hour of your choice up to 30 days in advance. Download the Muvr app or visit

Yes, you can book a Muvr without downloading our app. Visit to book a Muvr using our web interface. You will most likely want a phone that can receive text messages to receive updates of your movers picking up and delivering your item(s) with live notifications in real time.

Yes, of course! The movers will pick up and drop off your items all the way into your room of choice. This includes going up/down floors or stairs. If for any reason, the item does not end up fitting into your desired location, simply let your movers know where you would like the item placed. If your item does not fit and you would like the item(s) returned to the pickup location, you are responsible for booking another Muvr to return the item to the pickup location.

Every Muvr will arrive with moving blankets, stretch wrap, dolly(s), ratchet strap tie-downs, tarp and a screwdriver w/bits. If anything specific is needed, the customer should have it available for the movers should they need it.

You, the customer, should provide moving boxes, mattress covers or anything specific if it is required as we only provide what is stated above. 

We strive to work with the best contractors who provide exceptional customer service. Every Muvr is an independent contractor that is background checked and vetted by Muvr and continuously rated and reviewed by other Muvr customers.

It depends. For a residential or storage move, we do require someone to be at both locations. This is to make sure that all items you need moved are all being moved and if a problem were to arise, you are onsite to help navigate any issue.

For a store delivery, you don’t actually have to be at the store. As long as you attach a photocopy of your receipt when scheduling your delivery or messaging it to your Muvr via text, you can head home and relax while awaiting your Muvr to arrive with your item(s). 

Absolutely! We believe in sustainable living. Muvr strives to recycle or donate as many items as we possibly can before having to choose to dispose of them. We do not accept or take any hazardous materials. The cost for Junk Removal services are $120 plus $40/item. You can either choose this service by itself or bundle it with a move when booking your Muvr via the app or website with either MuvrX, MuvrXL or MuvrXXL and save an additional 20% off the Junk Removal cost.

Unfortunately, we do not allow passengers to ride along with any Muvr in their vehicles

Labor time is a pre-calculated average amount of time spent doing said task included in the move type you select which can include but not limited to: locating, loading/unloading the item(s), securing the item(s), any wait time and finding parking. This average amount is calculated and changes upon selection of any of the move types: Single Item, Few Items, Several Items, Studio Move, 1 Bedroom Move, 2 Bedroom Move.

The price is $2 per labor minute. For example, for a single item, it’s 15 minutes labor which times 2 is $30 added on to the total price. For a few Items (2-4), it’s 30 minutes labor which times 2 is $60 added on to the total price. For several items (5-9), it’s 45 minutes labor which times 2 is $90 added on to the total price. For a studio move, it’s 120 minutes (2 hours) labor which times 2 is $240 added on to the total price. For a 1 bedroom move, it’s 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) labor which times 2 is $300 added on to the total price. For a 2 bedroom move, it’s 180 minutes (3 hours) labor which times 2 is $360 added on to the total price. The amount of time Muvrs spend on the selected task may be more or less than the time described above as these are averages that are pre-calculated into the price. With upfront pricing, you never have to worry about getting charged more later. 

As a safety precaution, we can only allow our movers to lift 200lbs total or 100lbs per Muvr. However, if your item exceeds that, you have the option of either having help at each location to help the movers move your items safely or book another Muvr for an extra crew of 2 to accommodate the weight of your items.

Muvr does not offer installation or removal of any appliances. Muvr will also not hook appliances up to, or remove from, water or gas lines. For these services, it is recommended contacting a home installation professional.

The Muvrs will not assist in packing your belongings. It is expected that you will have everything packed and ready for transport before your Helper(s) arrives.

Booking your Muvr

It's easy! Either through or by downloading the app, all you have to do is select the service you need - whether it's moving, furniture delivery or junk removal, enter the details of your request, such as the pickup and drop-off location, vehicle type, move type, the items you need moved or removed, and any other important information, and boom - you're done. We'll take care of the rest, so you can sit back and relax.

Not a problem. We've got helpful descriptions of each service to guide you in the right direction. Moving? We've got you covered. Furniture delivery? We can handle that too. Need to get rid of that old treadmill that's been collecting dust in your garage? Junk removal is our specialty. Whatever you need, we've got the perfect service for you.

Anything 6 steps or over counts as a flight of stairs, up to twelve steps. In a standard apartment building, a landing in between floors counts as two flights of stairs. If you have 6 or more steps going from the ground to the entrance of your building or residence, that counts as a flight of stairs.

When booking a Muvr, you can request 2 Muvrs or 1 Muvr (you help with the lifting). The 1 Muvr option is perfect when you are able to help with the lifting. With this way, you will save 40% for the pickup truck, 35% for the cargo van or 30% for the box truck. If you select this option, one Muvr and a vehicle will come for your Muvr, with the expectation that you (or an additional person you provide) will help with the lifting. Do not choose the 1 Muvr (I'll help) option if you are unable to assist with heavy lifting.

Yes! Muvr specializes in on-demand moving, so you can often book a mover for same-day service. Don't worry. Rates do not increase for last-minute bookings, as we are fully transparent with our upfront pricing.

You can pay through the app or our website after inputting all moving details, using a credit or debit card. You'll be charged once the move is complete, and you'll have the option to tip your mover if you'd like.

You can book a Muvr via a web browser such as chrome or safari or you can also download our apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your move up to 24 hours before the scheduled time without incurring any fees. If you need to cancel or reschedule any request within 24 hours of when the services are to be performed, your credit card account will be charged 20% of the applicable Services Fee.

In the instance where the Muvr attempts to fulfill the Request but cannot do so for reasons out of the Helper's or Muvr's control, your credit card will be charged 50% of the applicable Services Fee.

All Muvr movers are vetted professionals and have insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move. You can also see your mover's ratings and reviews from past customers in the app.

Muvr offers a variety of add-on services, including packing and unpacking, assembly and disassembly, and even cleaning. You can select these services when you book your mover, or contact us for more information.

If it is more than 24 hours before the services are to be performed, the customer will not be charged. If the customer cancels within 24 hours of when the services are to be performed, there will be a 20% charge of the total order amount. In the instance where the order is already in progress and the Muvrs attempt to fulfill the request but cannot do so for reasons out of the Helper's or Muvr's control, the customer’s credit card will be charged 50% of the total order amount. These fees compensate Muvrs for their gas, time, and lost income from the booked time in their schedule. All fees are non-refundable.

After your order is completed, you will have the option to request a previous Muvr, both a driver and a helper if you require either 1 or 2 Muvrs. You will also have the opportunity to add them to your favorite Muvrs tab which will allow you to chat with them and request them again for your next Muvr!

Unfortunately, Muvr does not have the ability to provide more than two Muvrs for moves or junk removal. If you need Labor only and require assistance with moving things around in a certain location such as inside a home or an office, you can request multiple Muvrs separately for Labor only work.

Based on availability, you may request a specific type of vehicle (a pickup truck, cargo van or box truck). Vehicle eligibility will present itself during the booking when you are selecting the number of items and Muvrs. A cargo van and box truck are enclosed vehicles and will always cover your furniture.

You will not be charged before your project is completed. Muvr puts a temporary hold on your card for the total amount of the order. A hold is not a charge, and no money is taken from your account. When a hold is placed on your account, an estimated amount is temporarily “held” back from account funds available for spending. This ensures that when your card is billed, there is enough money in the account to handle the transactions. It prevents declined payments, which can hurt your credit score. Once your project is complete, the hold is released and your card is charged the final billable amount. Muvr releases the hold immediately upon issuing the final bill. While most card issuers release the funds within minutes of the hold being released, some banks may delay releasing funds for one to two business days. Unfortunately, this is at the discretion of the card issuer and Muvr is not able to influence how quickly they release the funds for use after the hold is lifted.


Placing a hold on credit cards is a common practice by companies that provide goods and services before issuing a bill or charge. For example, hotels will place a hold on your card 24-hours before your stay to cover estimated room costs. Gas stations place a hold on your card before you begin pumping, to help prevent gasoline theft. Only after you finish pumping and the final amount is known does the gas station bill your card.

Muvr in Progress

Each Muvr is required to bring dollys, moving blankets, stretch wrap, tarps, straps, and tie-downs to every Muvr in order to properly tie down your items and protect your belongings from weather.

Muvrs usually work on multiple gigs a day, and many of them have others jobs on top of Muvr, so they are extremely busy trying to take care of everyone! While they do their best to be in constant communication with all customers, you might find that they don't respond right away, or are unable to answer your call. We do recommend giving them some time to respond because they might be in the middle of another Muvr when they get your message or call and they need to focus on safely moving other customers' heavy items before being able to respond to you.

However, if your concern is urgent, and you've made multiple attempts to contact them that have gone unanswered in a reasonable amount of time, please contact Muvr Support. We can help answer any outstanding questions, reach out to your Muvrs as well, and if necessary, find a new Muvr(s) for your Muvr.

Once the Muvrs are assigned to your Muvr you have the ability to text or call your Muvrs directly about any details or logistics through our mobile app. If you need to work out any details ahead of time, please edit your Muvr in the app or website or email us at

Muvr is always willing to work towards making your move happen! If for any reason it is determined that your Muvr cannot be completed safely, your Muvrs will work with their dispatch team to determine the best options for your Muvr. Please keep in mind that the customer is responsible for making sure they measure their items and locations, to make sure a move is possible.

IMPORTANT: There is a weight limit in place of 100 pounds per Muvr. This is for the safety of your items, location and the Muvrs.

If your Muvr arrives at your drop-off location, within the scheduled drop-off window and you do not have someone at the location to accept your items, the items will be returned to the store. You will be charged for the attempted delivery and for the return to the store.

IMPORTANT: If you would like your items left unattended on your porch, you will need to leave those instructions in the details of your Muvr or communicate that to the Muvrs via text or phone call.

Driver & Helper Resources

To learn more about becoming a Muvr, you can go to or sign up via the Muvr app. The sign up process takes less than 5 minutes.

Helpers assist Muvr drivers when a customer requests two Muvrs. All active Muvrs are eligible to accept projects as a Helper. If you accept a Project as a Helper, you will assist with loading and unloading heavy items. The truck or van owner will take the cargo in their vehicle.

Unfortunately, we can not. All vehicles must have a model year of 2001 or newer. This is an insurance requirement and we are unable to make exceptions.

You get paid per delivery. You will know how much you are going to earn before you accept a delivery request. Project earnings vary based on your vehicle type, location, availability and time of year. Top performing Muvr drivers and helpers can earn several thousand dollars per month. We do not make any guarantees of earnings or income. Every project will include unique earning information. Muvr drivers and helpers may earn tips from customers. Tips can be paid in cash or in the app. Muvr drivers and helpers keep 100% of their tips.

No, we are not able to accept salvage titles on the platform.

Yes. In order to join Muvr you must complete a background check and a motor vehicle record check.

Criminal Record

  1. If you were convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor, we will assess your application on an individual basis. Felony or violent misdemeanor convictions in the last 7 years may be disqualifying.

  2. No individuals registered on the National Sex Offender Registry or DOJ50-State Sex Offender Registry.

  3. No individuals included on domestic or international government watch lists.

Driving Record

  1. Must have in-state driver’s license for your state of residence. Active duty military are exempt from the in-state license requirement, but will be asked to provide proof of service. No other exceptions.

  2. No driving-related convictions for hit-and-run, speeding 100+ mph, reckless driving, street racing, or speed contest.

  3. No DUI, DWI, or other drug-related driving violations in the last 7 years.

  4. No major vehicle violation in the past 5 years.

  5. No violations in the past 3 years for driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid license or insurance.

  6. No more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years.

  7. No more than 2 accidents in the past 3 years.

  8. No more than 1 moving violation and 1 accident in the past 3 years.

  9. No more than 3 minor violations in the past 3 years including accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or moving violations.

  10. No infractions or violations if ages 18 to 21 years of age. Must have at least 2 years of clean and unrestricted driving experience.

  11. No more than 1 cell phone or distracted driving violation in the past 3 years.

Background check fees are not refundable. Pending charges for any and all Criminal or Driving violations could be disqualifying, unless and until such charges are resolved in your favor.

The average background check takes less than three days. However, if you have moved frequently it may take a few extra days to obtain all your records for review.

Before you can accept projects through Muvr you must pass a background check. Muvrs cover the costs of the background check which is $50, or $150 if you have ever lived in New York state. This fee is non-refundable. Results of the background check typically take less than 3 business days. However if you have moved frequently it may take a few extra days to obtain all your records for review. Applicants who live or have lived in California and Massachusetts may also experience longer than average turnarounds as the courts in these states generally take longer to respond to records requests.

In 2019, NY raised the prices of records requests in their state. Unfortunately the high cost of conducting a background check in the state of NY applies to anyone who has ever lived, worked, or received a citation in the state of New York.

Once you are an active driver, Muvr will take a small percentage of the project fees for each project accepted through our system. This covers the cost of Muvr's services, including marketing to customers, insurance, customer service, billing and more.

Yes, you must always have valid automotive, liability, health and any other insurance required in accordance with state and federal laws. Check your local state regulations for more information about what is required to transport goods in your state. Muvr's supplemental insurance covers the cargo being carried for customers. In the event that you cause damage to the customers’ item or property, you are responsible for the cost to replace or repair. At Muvr's sole discretion, Muvr may charge you any or all of the deductible or other out-of-pocket expenses Muvr is required to pay as a result of that claim.

Muvr will need to verify your vehicle insurance, registration and license to drive. We will also need a W9 so that we can provide you with a 1099-K at the end of the year.

If your vehicle registration is in your business’s name, our team will request that you email us a copy of your DBA, articles of formation, or other legal document showing your relationship to the business entity. You will be required to provide proof of insurance that includes your given name as insured on the document, not just your business name. Your insurance company will be able to provide this if you do not already have it.

All Muvrs using the platform must have a working vehicle and an iPhone or Android phone in order to accept projects. Every Muvr is required to have moving blankets, stretch wrap, dolly(s), ratchet strap tie-downs, tarp and a screwdriver w/bits.

If you earned more than $20,000 and completed 200 transactions in a taxable year from Muvr, you will receive a 1099-K.

No, customers should never ride in your vehicle. Please only transport cargo, not passengers.

We understand that some of our Muvrs may own and have a license to carry firearms or guns. As fellow Americans, we respect your second amendment right to own a firearm. With that being said, we highly recommend that you leave your firearms at home or in your vehicle while completing a Muvr project. Several of our retail partners prohibit carrying weapons on their property. Some customers may be uncomfortable by the presence of a firearm and request to have you removed from their project. We want to avoid situations where a customer might cancel a project or leave you with a poor review. If you ever come across a Muvr project that you feel is not safe enough to complete without carrying a weapon, we suggest canceling that project and reporting the circumstances to us. We will contact the customer to help make a determination if the situation is safe to proceed. Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation.

This means that another Muvr has accepted the project request. The first Muvr to accept the request will get the project.

Inclement weather, extremely heavy cargo, and unsafe loading environments can sometimes occur. We encourage you to reach out immediately to our customer service team on our website or using the chat feature in the Driver App. Most customers will understand that it is in everyone’s best interest to keep all people and items safe and will work with you and Muvr customer service to find a solution.

Muvrs receive project notifications through the app. However, there are times Muvr will send SMS text messages for specific urgent projects or other important communication. You can stop receiving text messages from Muvr at any time by replying “unsubscribe”.

We understand that life happens and conflicts may arise suddenly. You may click on the project in your app and cancel the project if you are unable to complete the project that you accepted on time.

Reliability is important to customers that use the Muvr platform.

Cancellations damage our relationships with customers, reducing the likelihood of future bookings and hurting all Muvrs that rely on Muvr for their livelihood.

If a Muvr accepts a project and cancels or does not complete the project as scheduled, Muvr may at its discretion impose penalties that include: (a) temporary suspension of your Muvr account; (b) monetary fines not to exceed $80; (c) permanent deactivation of your Muvr account.

Cancellation fees will apply as follows:

If the cancellation occurs between 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled start time, a fee of $30 will be charged to the driver/mover.
If the cancellation occurs within 1 hour before the scheduled start time, a fee of $40 will be charged to the driver/mover.
If the driver/mover is a no-show for the scheduled job, a fee of $60 will be charged to the driver/mover.

These fees are in place to compensate the company for any inconvenience caused to the customer due to the cancellation. If a driver/mover accumulates multiple cancellations, the company may take further action, up to and including termination of their contract. 

Yes, customers are able to share feedback on their experience with each delivery professional. Muvrs can also rate and send us feedback on each customer.

Yes, customers are able to leave tips for exceptional service in the app. You will keep 100% of the tips awarded to you. If you do a Project with another Muvr, the customer has the ability to tip each of you individually. If a customer offers you a cash tip you may accept it. If a customer gives a cash tip and two Muvrs worked on the project, the tips should be split evenly 50/50.

Junk Removal

We believe in sustainable living. Muvr strives to recycle or donate as many items as we possibly can. However, certain circumstances can prevent a Muvr from recycling or donating. Potential circumstances that would prevent recycling include but are not limited to the following:

Recycling or donation center refusal of items
Poor condition or contamination of items
Lack of recycling/donation facilities within proximity to pickup location 

Unfortunately, we are not able to take any items that have bedbugs, carpet bugs or any other active infestations.

Unfortunately, we do not have any drop off facilities. You can schedule a pickup with us through our app or website.

Absolutely! We do offer curbside pickup. When booking an appointment you have the option to select either an In-Home Pickup or a Curbside Pickup. Simply place your item(s) outside in an accessible area prior to your scheduled pickup date such as the front yard, porch, driveway or by the curb and we will handle the rest. You don’t have to miss work or wait around wondering where your removal team is just to get rid of your old junk. We only ask that you cover your item(s) up with a tarp, blanket or something and place it somewhere where insects or spiders cannot cluster together around or within.


The price depends on the vehicle type you choose, the miles between pick-up and drop-off, and the time spent loading and unloading. The base is for the crew to show up at the pickup location, the mileage includes drive time, and the labor is for the time it takes the crew to load and unload your stuff.

Here is an example order for 10 miles between pick-up and drop-off location with 15 minutes labor (Single Item) for both MuvrXL and MuvrXXL with and without the applicable discount applied.

For MuvrXL, the base is $100. The 10 miles is multiplied by 2.5 which is $25 and the 15 minutes labor is multiplied by 2 which is $30.
$100 + $25 + $30 = $155
Total cost for the MuvrXL with Cargo Van and 2 Muvrs is $155
However, If you toggle the 1 Muvr (I'll Help) option, then for the MuvrXL you would get 35% off which 35% of $155 is $54.25 so then it becomes:
$155 - $54.25 = $100.75
Total cost for the MuvrXL with Cargo Van and 1 Muvr is $100.75

(The 15 minutes labor is if the Single Item Move Type was selected. If the Few Items Move Type was selected that would be $30 times 2 which equals $60 so on and so forth).

For MuvrXXL, the base is $150. The 10 miles is multiplied by 3 this time because the box truck (MuvrXXL) is 3 times the mileage. So 10 x 3 = $30. The 15 minute labor is still multiplied by 2 which is $30.
$150 + $30 + $30 = $210
Total cost for the MuvrXXL with Box Truck and 2 Muvrs is $210
However, if you toggle the 1 Muvr (I'll Help) option, then for the MuvrXXL you would get 30% off which 30% of $210 is $63 so then it becomes:
$210 - $63 = $147
Total cost for the MuvrXXL with Box Truck and 1 Muvr is $147 

You can get a free estimate here

There are no hidden fees when booking a Muvr. We like to keep things transparent. When you enter the details of your move or junk removal, you'll see an upfront price that includes everything from the truck or van to the labor. No hidden fees, no sneaky charges - just a fair and honest price that won't leave you feeling like you got swindled.

Throughout the scheduling a Muvr process before paying, you have the option to select 1 Muvr instead of 2 Muvrs for each vehicle type and save the following:

For the MuvrX -
Includes Pickup Truck and 2 Muvrs
*Save 40% by Getting 1 Muvr & you're willing to help!

For the MuvrXL -
Includes Cargo Van and 2 Muvrs
*Save 35% by Getting 1 Muvr & you're willing to help!

For the MuvrXXL -
Includes Box Truck and 2 Muvrs
*Save 30% by Getting 1 Muvr & you're willing to help!

Aside from that, you are charged for the Muvrs' time at your pickup and drop-off locations. You helping the Muvrs if you ordered the 2 Muvrs will help the process go faster and will ease the burden of having to book a second Muvr to assist, but outside of that, there is no savings for helping. 

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