Change Requests and Modifications

At Muvr, we understand that plans can change, and we’re here to accommodate your needs. If you find it necessary to make changes to your order details, such as the pickup or drop-off location, the quantity of items, or the order time, you can easily request modifications through the Muvr app. Here’s how you can initiate change requests and modifications to ensure your moving or delivery experience aligns perfectly with your requirements:

1. Accessing Change Requests

To initiate a change request or modification, open the Muvr app and navigate to the “Orders” tab. Locate the relevant ongoing or upcoming order and select it to access the order details.

2. Requesting Changes

Within the order details, you’ll find an option to “Request Changes”. By selecting this option, you’ll be guided through the process of indicating the specific changes you’d like to make.

3. Available Modifications

You can request a variety of modifications, including changes to the pickup and drop-off addresses, adjustments to the service time, updates to the item list, and more. There may be additional fees based on your changes. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed information to ensure a seamless update to your service.

4. Muvr Approval

Once you submit your change request, our system will notify your assigned Muvrs of the requested modifications. They will review the changes and communicate with you to confirm or discuss any necessary details.

5. Timely Responses

Our Muvrs are committed to providing timely responses to change requests. They will work with you to accommodate the modifications while considering factors such as availability and logistics.

6. Confirming Changes

Once you and your assigned Muvrs agree on the requested modifications, they will confirm the changes through the app, and you’ll receive updated order details and timing.

7. Communication Channels

Throughout the change request process, you can use the in-app messaging feature to communicate directly with your assigned Muvrs. This allows for clear and efficient communication to ensure the changes are accurately understood.

8. Note on Timing

While we strive to accommodate change requests, please keep in mind that modifications made close to the service time may be subject to availability. We recommend submitting change requests as early as possible to enhance the likelihood of successful adjustments.

We understand that flexibility is essential, and we’re dedicated to working with you to accommodate necessary changes to your order. By utilizing the change request and modification process, you can ensure that your moving or delivery experience aligns perfectly with your evolving needs.