Connecting Social Media Profiles

At Muvr, we understand the importance of personalization and connection. To enhance your experience and make it more convenient, we offer the option to connect your social media profiles with your Muvr account. This feature allows you to easily share and connect with friends and family, and it can also help us better understand your preferences to provide you with a more tailored experience. Here's how you can connect your social media profiles:

Log In to Your Account: Open the Muvr app and log in to your account using your existing credentials.

Access Account Settings: Look for the "Profile" or "Account Settings" section within the app. This is typically represented by a profile icon or your name.

Navigate to Social Media: Find the "Social Media" or "Connected Accounts" option in your account settings. This is where you'll manage your social media connections.

Connect Your Profiles: Choose the social media platforms you'd like to connect. We may offer options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Authorization: When you select a social media platform, you'll be prompted to authorize the connection. This usually involves logging in to your social media account within the Muvr app.

Permissions: You may be asked to grant certain permissions to allow Muvr to access specific information from your social media profile. These permissions are typically related to basic profile information, friends or contacts, and posts.

Confirm Connection: After granting permissions, confirm the connection between your Muvr account and your social media profile.

Privacy Considerations: We take your privacy seriously. While connecting your social media profiles can enhance your experience, we only collect information that is relevant to improving our services and offering personalized recommendations.

Control and Disconnect: You have full control over your connected social media profiles. You can disconnect them at any time from the same "Social Media" or "Connected Accounts" section in your account settings.

Benefits of Connection: Connecting your social media profiles can enhance your Muvr experience in various ways. For example, it may allow you to see if your friends are also using Muvr, share your experiences and reviews, or receive exclusive promotions tailored to your interests.

Update Preferences: Within your connected social media profiles, you can also manage your preferences for what information you're comfortable sharing with Muvr.

Contact Support: If you have any questions or encounter any issues while connecting your social media profiles, our support team is here to assist you.

Remember that connecting your social media profiles is optional, and you have full control over what information you choose to share. At Muvr, our goal is to provide you with a seamless and personalized experience, and connecting your social media profiles is just one way we strive to achieve that.