Customizing Your Profile Picture and User Name

Your Muvr profile is a reflection of your identity and personal style. To make your experience more personalized and recognizable, you have the option to customize your profile picture and user name. Whether you want to upload a photo or choose a unique user name, we’re here to guide you through the process.

Updating Your Profile Picture:

Log In to Your Account: Open the Muvr app and log in using your credentials.

Access Account Settings: Look for the “Profile” or “Account Settings” section within the app. This is where you can manage your profile details.

Choose Profile Picture: Select the “Profile Picture” option. You’ll have the choice to either upload a new photo or choose from your existing images.

Upload New Photo: If you decide to upload a new photo, you can either take a picture using your device’s camera or select an image from your gallery.

Crop and Adjust: After selecting a photo, you’ll have the option to crop and adjust it to fit within the profile picture frame. Make sure your face or desired image is centered and clearly visible.

Confirm Changes: Once you’re satisfied with your profile picture, confirm the changes. Your new picture will now be visible to others on the Muvr platform.

Updating Your User Name:

Access Account Settings: Within the same “Profile” or “Account Settings” section, find the option to update your user name.

Choose User Name: Enter the new user name you’d like to use. Keep in mind that user names should be unique and respectful.

Availability Check: Muvr will check the availability of the user name you’ve entered. If it’s available, you’ll be able to proceed.

Confirm Changes: Once you’re satisfied with your new user name, confirm the changes. Your user name will now appear alongside your profile picture.

Why Customize Your Profile:

Personal Expression: Your profile picture and user name allow you to express your personality and interests to the Muvr community.

Recognition: A unique profile picture and user name make you easily recognizable to other users, especially if you’re a frequent Muvr customer.

Customized Experience: A personalized profile enhances your overall Muvr experience by making interactions more familiar and engaging.

Important Considerations:

Respectful Content: Please ensure that your profile picture and user name adhere to our community guidelines and are respectful and appropriate.

Privacy: Your profile picture and user name are visible to other Muvr users. Be mindful of the information you choose to share.

Changing Profile Picture/User Name: You can update your profile picture and user name at any time by following the steps mentioned above.

Your Muvr profile is a representation of you within our community. By customizing your profile picture and user name, you contribute to a more vibrant and engaging experience for both yourself and others. Feel free to express yourself and make your Muvr journey uniquely yours!