Reporting Order Issues

While we strive to provide seamless and reliable delivery services, we understand that unexpected issues may arise from time to time. This guide will walk you through the process of reporting any problems you encounter with your order and seeking a resolution.

Types of Order Issues

If you come across any of the following issues with your order, it’s important to report them promptly:

Damaged Items: If you receive items that are damaged, broken, or in poor condition, we’re here to help you address the situation.

Missing Items: In the rare event that an item you ordered is missing from the delivery, we’ll work to find a solution.

Wrong Items: If you receive items that don’t match what you ordered, we’ll assist you in resolving the issue.

Late Delivery: While we aim for on-time deliveries, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. We’re here to assist in such cases.

Reporting an Issue

To report an issue with your order, follow these steps:

Within the App: Log in to the Muvr app and navigate to the “Orders” section. Find the relevant order and tap on it.

Order Details: In the order details screen, locate the “Report Issue” button and select the type of issue you’re experiencing.

Provide Details: Describe the issue in detail, including any relevant photos or evidence. This will help us understand the situation better.

Submit: Once you’ve provided the necessary information, submit the report. Our team will review your case and respond promptly.

Our Resolution Process

After you’ve reported an issue, here’s what you can expect:

Acknowledgment: You’ll receive a confirmation that your issue has been received, along with a case number for reference.

Investigation: Our team will investigate the issue, reviewing the provided details and any available evidence.

Communication: We’ll keep you informed about the progress of the investigation and any steps being taken to resolve the problem.

Resolution: Once a resolution is determined, we’ll work with you to implement the solution and ensure your satisfaction.

Timely Reporting

To ensure a smooth resolution process, we recommend reporting any issues as soon as you notice them. Timely reporting helps us address the problem promptly and provide you with the best possible assistance.

Your Feedback Matters

At Muvr, your satisfaction is our top priority. Reporting order issues not only helps us improve our services but also ensures that you receive the level of quality you deserve. We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to make things right.

Thank you for choosing Muvr for your delivery needs. For more information and resources, explore the rest of our Help Center’s Orders Collection. We look forward to serving you and resolving any issues you may encounter with your order.