Using Credits and Gift Cards

At Muvr, we offer you the flexibility to use credits and gift cards to pay for your moving and delivery services. Whether you've earned credits through promotions or received a gift card, you can easily apply them to your order and enjoy the benefits. Here's how:

1. Applying Credits:

Credits are a form of virtual currency that you can use towards the cost of your Muvr services. If you have available credits in your account, you can apply them during the checkout process. Here's how:

Step 1: Select the service you need and proceed to the checkout page.

Step 2: Look for the "Apply Credits" section on the checkout page.

Step 3: If you have available credits, you'll see the amount displayed. You can choose to apply all or a portion of your credits to the order.

Step 4: Click or tap the "Apply" button to deduct the credits from the total cost.

If you choose to apply only a portion of your available credits, the remaining balance will be saved for future orders.

2. Using Gift Cards:

If you have received a Muvr gift card, you can use it to pay for your services. Gift cards make great presents and provide you with the convenience of covering moving and delivery costs. Here's how to use a gift card:

Step 1: Select the service you need and proceed to the checkout page.

Step 2: Look for the "Apply Gift Card" section on the checkout page.

Step 3: Scratch off or enter the gift card code exactly as provided, including any capitalization or special characters.

Step 4: Click or tap the "Apply" button to apply the gift card balance to the order total.

If the gift card balance covers the entire cost of the order, you won't need to provide any additional payment. If the gift card balance is less than the order total, you can choose another payment method to cover the remaining amount.

3. Checking Balances:

You can check your available credits and gift card balances in the "Payment" or "Billing" section of your account settings. This will help you keep track of how much credit you have available to use on future orders.

4. Terms and Conditions:

Please note that both credits and gift cards may have specific terms and conditions associated with them, including expiration dates and usage restrictions. Be sure to review these terms before using your credits or gift cards.

5. Customer Support:

If you encounter any issues while applying credits or using a gift card, our customer support team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out through the app or our contact channels, and we'll be happy to help you make the most of your credits and gift cards.

Using credits and gift cards at Muvr is a convenient way to save on your moving and delivery expenses. We're committed to providing you with flexible payment options to enhance your overall experience with us.