Simplify Your Life with Muvr: Your Go-To Furniture Delivery Service in Los Angeles, CA 

Are you tired of the hassle and stress that often comes with shopping for furniture or needing items delivered in Los Angeles, CA? Look no further, as Muvr is here to make your life easier. Muvr is your trusted on-demand moving, furniture delivery, and junk removal app that will revolutionize the way you shop and move. 

Whether you’re picking up items from your favorite stores or grabbing a great deal from online marketplaces, Muvr has you covered, and it’s all just a few taps away on your smartphone.

Store Delivery Made Effortless 

Muvr’s store delivery service is your ticket to a seamless and stress-free shopping experience in Los Angeles. Imagine being able to shop at renowned stores like Crate & Barrel, RH Outlet, West Elm, Costco, Ikea, and more, all while knowing that your purchases will be safely and swiftly delivered to your doorstep. 

With Muvr, you can shop with confidence, knowing that a robust multi-million-dollar insurance policy backs your deliveries. 

Marketplace Delivery: Beyond Boundaries 

Muvr doesn’t stop at traditional store deliveries. It also offers a marketplace delivery service that goes beyond boundaries. Have you found a fantastic deal on OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other online platform? You can count on Muvr to help you bring those treasures home, even if they’re up to 150 miles outside our service area. 

By using online payment services like Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App, you can skip the ATM and make payments directly, making the entire process smooth and secure. Its dedicated Muvrs will go the extra mile to ensure that your special finds are safely and promptly delivered right to your preferred location.

How Does Muvr work 

Open the App: Begin by opening the Muvr app. You can enter your pickup and drop-off locations manually or use the app’s GPS feature to conveniently detect your current location. You can also save your frequently used locations for quicker bookings in the future. 

Select Your Items: Add all the items you need help with picking up and delivering, ensuring that you have everything you need to make your house a home.

Choose Your Vehicle: Select the type of vehicle that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a MuvrX (Pickup Truck), MuvrXL (Cargo Van), or MuvrXXL (Box Truck), the app will provide you with an upfront price based on your choices.

Schedule Date & Time: Pick a pickup time that fits your schedule, whether you need a same-day delivery or prefer to schedule in advance. 

Add Special Instructions: If there are any unique requirements for your move, such as specific instructions, hard-to-find locations, parking details, or gate codes, you can add them here. You can also attach photos or receipts to provide additional information. Then, simply pay and confirm your booking. 

Stay Informed: Thanks to Muvr’s real-time tracking feature, you can monitor the location of your belongings throughout the entire process. Plus, if you need to communicate with your Muvrs for any reason, the in-app messaging feature makes it a breeze. 

Show Your Appreciation: Once your order is complete, it’s time to give credit where it’s due. You can rate and tip your Muvrs directly in the app to show your appreciation for a job well done. At Muvr, we take pride in our commitment to excellent customer service, and your feedback is valuable to us. 

The Benefits of Choosing Muvr 

Choosing Muvr as your go-to furniture delivery service in Los Angeles, CA comes with a host of benefits: 

Convenience: Shopping and moving have always been challenging. With Muvr, you can manage your deliveries and pickups with just a few taps on your phone.

Safety and Reliability: Your deliveries are insured by our multi-million dollar insurance policy, providing peace of mind for your valuable items. 

Flexibility: Whether you’re looking for same-day service or prefer to schedule in advance, Muvr offers flexibility to fit your schedule. 

Real-time Tracking: Keep an eye on your belongings with real-time tracking, ensuring that you’re always in the know. 

Effortless Communication: Stay in touch with your Muvrs throughout the process, making any necessary adjustments or providing additional information easily. 


Simplify your life and elevate your furniture delivery experience with Muvr in Los Angeles, CA. Download the app, and make your next furniture purchase or move a breeze. Say goodbye to the stress and hassle, and hello to the future of furniture delivery services. Muvr – making your life easier, one delivery at a time.


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